Client Testimonials

Lily B. Melbourne


I came to Jenni for help dealing with performance nerves.

I had lost a lot of confidence and was feeling like I couldn’t trust my brain or body to perform under pressure.

Jenni guided me through exercises that helped to relieve the physical symptoms of performance nerves and put me back in control of my mind and thoughts.

My recital ended up going as well as I could have hoped and I was thrilled that I managed to enjoy the performance as well, which was something I hadn’t been able to do when feeling overwhelmed by panic and anxiety. 


William B. Melbourne

Sophrology as I experienced it, was a way to increase motivation and focus for my Year 12 exams as I finished up school. It also complimented my peace of mind and was a factor in bettering my well-being. When I utilised it, it made me feel relaxed and brought about or enhanced a positive mindset.

Tilly F. Central Victoria


Jenni has been an exceptional guide throughout my Sophrology journey and has always pointed out the relevant information to help explain the process of Sophrology. 

Level 1 of Sophrology allowed me to connect my mind with my body, experiencing sensations right down to the cells. I learnt to appreciate my body and use breathing techniques to revitalise the skin on my body. 

Level 2 opened my eyes to the way the brain receives information via the 5 senses, what you see, hear, smell, touch or taste and allowed me to then determine how my brain processed that information with freedom from preconception and judgment.

I have found that your mind and body appreciate any time you can devote to them, whether it be 1 hour a day or 15 minutes a day.